Real-time Sales Notifications

Quickly and easily generate "social proof" pop-ups based upon real-time sales data

Requiring no back-end integration (other than JavaScript snippet implementation), can generate social proof style pop-ups based upon real-time sales data as it happens.

Includes automatic IP address look-up (supporting all countries and states with 99.95%+ accuracy)

Based upon the best available IP databases, will automatically detect the country and state of the website visitor who made the purchase (which is ingested by JavaScript snippet at the the time of purchase).

Customizable: Location, Styling

Both the location and the styling of the real time social proof pop-up can be customized based upon your needs.

Integrated with Google Analytics

Quickly see metrics and feedback on how your website visitors respond to your pop-up notifications with our end-to-end Google Analytics integration (firing off Google Analytics events which can be seen under the category `paiNotify`). For more information on how this works, see our docs.